Latest Joe Bell Trailer Is Heartfelt & Heartbreaking

Mark Wahlberg is back with back in another true story film, and this time he’s the produced for Joe Bell. If you recognize the name, it’s because it’s the name of Jadin Bell’s father. He was the man who walked across America to speak against bullying, as his son Jadin committed suicide. He was in-fact bullied for his sexuality, and the movie adapts both Jadin’s struggles and Joe’s fight for change following his son’s passing. It’s simply a dramatic illustration of the heartache of a son who did nothing wrong, and a father who didn’t understand things in time. But it’s a tragic story, with a heartfelt message, telling the kids of today that it’s alright for you to be yourself. Simply put, it’s gonna make you cry a lot, and trust me, the tears will be worth it. So, make sure you take the time to watch the latest Joe Bell trailer here!

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“My name is Joe Bell, and I’m on a walk for change. I’m walking across America to speak out against bullying.” – Joe Bell

Plot: “the film follows Oregon father Joe Bell (Wahlberg) who decides to walk across America to raise awareness about bullying after his son, tormented for being gay, takes his own life.”

Reinaldo Marcus Green’s Joe Bell, adapted by Diana Ossana and Larry McMurtry, is based on the true story of Joe and Jadin Bell. Mark Wahlberg and Reid Miller play the father and the son, with Connie Britton playing Lola Bell. While the film made its debut at the 2020 TIFF, it’s slated for a premiere in the USA on July 23, 2021!


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