JCVD’s The Last Mercenary’s Funny Trailer Released

Jean-Claude Van Damme will soon grace our television screens once again, and I’m so thankful. The master of action movies is far from retired, returning to Netflix in this French-language film, titled The Last Mercenary. It’s a film with a goofy sense of humor, great action sequences and a classic action movie plot! What more could you ask for? Perhaps a quality movie? Anyways, it’s all types of JCVD, as he’s dancing, doing the splits, and whooping some butt! There’s not much to it, but it seems like a great Saturday night movie. If nothing else, it’s a nostalgia trip for Jean-Claude Van Damme fans around the world, like myself. Nevertheless, see what you think! Watch The Last Mercenary trailer can be found below!

On a side note, Jean-Claude Van Damme will star in the upcoming Minions movie, alongside Steve Carell and Taraji P. Henson. Van Damme will be voicing a character named Jean Clawed, which is obviously supposed to be funny, but is it? To each their own. Nevertheless, Minions: The Rise of Gru is slated to premiere on July 1, 2022.

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“Want to play? Let’s play. To music!” – Mist

Plot: “A mysterious secret agent who has been denounced by his government must return to France when his son becomes framed by an international terrorist organization.”
Netflix (Official Synopsis)

The Last Mercenary is coming to Netflix on July 30, 2021. It’s directed by David Charhon, most well-known for On the Other Side of the Tracks. Charhon co-wrote The Last Mercenary together with Ismaël Sy Savané. Jean-Claude Van Damme is the leading man, working alongside the likes of Eric Judor, Miou-Miou and Valérie Kaprisky. Catch the movie on Netflix when it premieres in July, and once more, make sure to watch The Last Mercenary trailer (above)!


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