AnimeNewsJazz-Themed Blue Giant Anime Film In the Works

Jazz-Themed Blue Giant Anime Film In the Works

TOHO Animation and Shogakukan are creating an anime film of Shinichi Ishizuka's Blue Giant music manga. It's expected to drop in 2022.

TOHO animation and Shogakukan have announced an anime film for the popular jazz-manga, Blue Giant. It’s a seinen, telling the story of Dai Miyamoto’s passion for playing the saxophone. But it’s not just “passion”, as his wish is to become the greatest jazz player ever! The question is, will he succeed? At an unknown date in 2022, we’ll get our answer.

Blue Giant is categorized as a music manga, so expect some fantastic melodies in this film! But that would be cutting it short, as it’s equal parts coming-of-age and also a drama, with some slice-of-life elements. So it’s anything but shallow. Quite the contrary, as it’s popular because of its handling of the characters. Meaning, there’s good reason to get hyped for the Blue Giant anime film!

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Shinichi Ishizuka‘s Blue Giant manga began serialization on May 10, 2013. After 10 volumes and 80 chapters, the manga series concluded on August 25, 2016.

Sequel manga debuted on September 10, 2016. With a total of 11 volumes and 88 chapters, Shinichi Ishizuka decided to finish Blue Giant Supreme on April 25, 2020.

Blue Giant’s Lead Character, Dai Miyamoto

Dai Miyamoto playing saxophone near river and huge city

Plot: “Miyamoto Dai, a student with a taste for basketball, changes his life the first time he sees a live jazz performance. The incredible music strikes a chord deep inside him, and he immediately decides to dedicate himself to the saxophone. He has no skills, no formal training, and no idea what he’s up against, but his obsession drives him to play that instrument day after day. Will passion be enough to become the player of his dreams? This award-winning manga from Shinichi Ishizuka, compiled into five omnibus volumes for its English debut, is a pitch-perfect drama about the power of music.”

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