Humans Fight Demons In First Shikizakura Trailer

It’s time for some 3D goodness, with the premiere of Shikizakura trailer showing some sweet power armor and some disturbing demons! While it’s too early to tell, this TV anime looks quite promising, doesn’t it? Sublimation is clearly working hard on their craft, trying to find their own style, which is simplistic, but clear and easy on the eyes. However, it’s a matter of perspective. Admittedly, I’m hopeful. How about you? Make sure to check out the Shikizakura trailer below, and figure out if this could be for you!

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The First Shikizakura Trailer Is Here!

PLOT: On a fateful day, demons appear from another world and start consuming humans. With so many lives in danger, a high school student named Kakeru Miwa has no choice but to protect and save people. Thus, he dawns a power armor, giving him the strength and ability to fight against these demons. Luckily, Kakeru Miwa’s not alone on this journey, as Ouka Myoujin, the maiden who’s destined to save the world, will be a part of his journey!

Shinya Sugai (chief director) and Gou Kurosaki (director) are directing Shikizakura, based on Naruki Nakagawa’s screenplay. Sublimation’s Shikizakura TV anime will have 12 episodes, and is slated to premiere in October, 2021!

For more information, visit Shikizakura’s official website.


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