Heartwarming Pokémon Short Film (Pokétoon) Released

The Pokémon Kids TV Japan YouTube channel released the 5th Pokétoon episode, titled The Warm and Cozy Slugma House. Watch this Pokemon short film here!

It doesn’t get any more nostalgic than Pokémon, does it? Whether you grew up with the video games or the TV anime, today is a good day to be a Pokémon fan! The Pokémon Kids TV Japan YouTube Channel released a new Pokemon short film, also known as a Pokétoon. It’s a touching anime short, with heartwarming interactions between humans and their companions. So, if you want to see Eevee and Slugma, among others, make sure you scroll down and watch the latest Pokétoon, titled The Warm and Cozy Slugma House!

The first Pokétoon, Scraggy & Mimikyu, was released on June 5, 2020. It’s a parody of The Looney Tunes. Thus, it kicked off the Pokétoon series of animated net shorts, and the YouTube channel is still going strong. In total, five Pokemon short films have dropped, with the 5th being the latest; The Warm and Cozy Slugma House! Make sure to watch it!

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Pokemon Short Film: The Warm and Cozy Slugma House (Pokapoka Magumaggu House)

Links to every Pokétoon short film can be found below, in order of release!

Scraggy & Mimikyu: Chase the Beans
The Pancham Who Wants To Be A Hero
A Budding Dream
Wait Here, Magikarp

Kazuhiko Yabumoto is the director, Yasumi Atarashi is the writer, and it’s produced by Colorido.

Source: Pokémon Kids TV Japan YouTube Channel & Pokémon Official Website

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