AnimeNewsDisney Twisted-Wonderland Anime In The Works

Disney Twisted-Wonderland Anime In The Works

Disney Plus Japan has announced that he Japanese mobile game Disney Twisted-Wonderland will be getting an anime! It's going to be an ONA.

AnimeNewsNetwork has reported that the Disney Twisted-Wonderland smartphone game will be getting an anime project (ONA). Besides the announcement itself, there’s no info regarding how the original net animation will look or who’s working on it.

Disney Twisted-Wonderland is a Japanese mobile game, created by Aniplex and Walt Disney Japan. It’s developed by f4samurai, with the amazing Yana Toboso as the designer of the game. Thus, she’s responsible the characters, scenario and concept designs. Simply put, having her in-charge of design is a masterful decision. But maybe you’re wondering why? If her name doesn’t ring a bell, then maybe Black Butler and RustBlaster will refresh your memory? Yana Toboso is the author of these manga series. Thus, it’s a name worth knowing!

The Disney Twisted-Wonderland Anime Announcement

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Plot: “You, the protagonist who has awoken in an unfamiliar place, named Twisted Wonderland. After being freed from a coffin by a rowdy magic creature named Grim, you find yourself about to be enrolled in the prestigious magic training school, Night Raven College. However, during the dorm assigning ceremony, it’s revealed that not only do you not have any magic, but you’re also from another world! Surprised, the masked headmaster, Dire Crowley, offers you shelter in Ramshackle Dorm while you get your bearings. He comments that you’re extraordinarily good at getting people to work together, and names you a Prefect. As a 2-in-1 deal, since you don’t have magic, you and Grim are enrolled together! The headmaster gives you a mission and hands you a special camera that is capable of recording memories. He entrusts it to you to record the lives of you and your fellow classmates!

However, as talented and prodigious as they may be, the students waiting for you here are all uncooperative troublemakers! Will you ever be able to work with them and return to your original world? And just what secrets are these students hiding, who hold the souls of villains…?”
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Source: AnimeNewsNetwork.

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