Da 5 Bloods Looks Oscar-Bound, With Excellent Trailer

Spike Lee needs no introduction, known for classics like Malxolm X and Do the Right Thing. It’s safe to declare him a staple in films about cultural and racial relations. I mean, Lee’s known for threading a thin line between empathetic and offensive. In turn, his films are often polarizing, with politically-charged messages that can make you question our social constructs. Surprisingly enough, he’s not much of a box office draw. However, it could have something to do with his handling of touchy subjects and daring messaging in his films. In all fairness, that’s what makes Spike Lee’s films must watch!

In 2019, Spike Lee won his first Oscar for his adapted screenplay of BlacKkKlansman, a film which he also directed. It was long overdue, as Spike Lee was like Leonardo DiCaprio, an uncrowned king. However, what makes their Oscar awards special is the countless times they were snubbed over the years. In Lee’s case, he missed out on several nominations for his earlier films, as they were considered controversial and somewhat offensive. In the same vein, Lee’s latest joint could follow suit. However, I believe that simply from the trailer, Spike Lee could be earning an Oscar nod for screenplay and cinematography. While it’s too early to tell, it seems likely.

Da 5 Bloods Honors the Untold Stories of Black Vietnam Veterans

Da 5 Bloods

So, what’s this Spike Lee war drama about? It’s a story about hidden treasure, buried away during the Vietnam War, only to be searched and sought after many years later by four Vietnam veterans. While simple in essence, the story focuses on the immoralities of the Vietnam War, and its everlasting effects. In turn, these African American veterans decide to venture back, only to find new conflict awaiting them!

It’s not only the story that will get spicy, considering Spike Lee’s writing and directing, the cast is looking pretty marvelous as well! Not only will Chadwick Boseman, Van Veronica Ngo and Jasper Pääkkönen be a part of the journey, but so will Mélanie Thierry and Jean Reno. However, I’m most excited to see Delroy Lindo and Clarke Peters in this film, as I believe the casting could be the main reason this film succeeds! So, here’s to hoping for the best for the cast and crew – may the movie be as impactful as every other Spike Lee joint.

The Chamber Brothers perform the amazing tune you hear in the trailer, titled Time Has Come Today. So, if you’d want to enjoy the song for all it’s worth, give it a listen! Considering that the song might not make it into the film, listen to it here.

Da 5 Bloods will be released on Netflix on the 12th of June, 2020!


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