Batman: The Long Halloween Trailer Is Here

Batman is back, and must work with Harvey Dent to find out who's The Holiday Killer? Here's the first Batman: The Long Halloween trailer!

The Batman and The Joker are back, gearing up for an early Halloween! Are you ready for some spooks, tricks and treats? Like it or not, The Holiday Killer is preparing for a feast, with blood, guts and entrails as garnish! Admittedly, I’m far too enthusiastic, but can you blame me? Finally, Jeph Loeb’s Batman: The Long Halloween will be adapted into an animated film. Therefore, I’m excited to see The Holiday Killer’s story come to life! If the Batman: The Long Halloween trailer is of any indiciation, it’ll be an exciting adventure! So, with that said, who you gonna call? Batman, of course! I doubt Ghostbusters could handle murderers, you know? But, my goofiness aside, scroll down and enjoy Batman: The Long Halloween trailer!

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“There’s room for only one homicidal maniac in this town!” – The Joker

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Plot: Oh, what a wonderful time of the year! Ghouls, monsters and clowns are everywhere, and that can only mean one thing, right? It’s Halloween! Or perhaps you’re in Gotham? Anyways, Batman must work together Jim Gordon and Harvey Dent to find the Holiday Killer. Now, you might wonder why he’s called that? He kills during holidays, and it’s going to be one long Halloween! Unless Batman can put a stop to him! Anyways, The Joker will be involved in one way or another, with Catwoman and Solomon Grundy making an appearance as well. Thus, it seems like a splendid good time!

The star-studded cast of voice actors is impressive, with the likes of Jensen Ackles, Troy Baker, Josh Duhamel and Amy Landecker. Check out the full cast and crew here!

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Batman: The Long Halloween is directed by Chris Palmer, and written by Tim Sheridan. It’s expected to be released in summer, 2021.

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