Attack on Titan Season 4 Gets New Studio & Director

Just yesterday the first episode debuted, and now we’re waiting for the conclusion. At least, that’s how it feels. We’re crossing this one together, with hopes held up high! Well, it’s been a great journey and let’s hope for a great send-off. Considering how enjoyable and entertaining the anime has been, anything less than “bloody epic” would be a disappointment. However, the reason the show is ending is because Hajime Isayama’s finishing the manga. In turn, it’ll get a proper ending as well. It’s surely comforting to know, especially for the fans who watch the anime and don’t read the manga. While some may consider that as a negative, I’m sure there’s common ground when it comes to our expectations of Attack on Titan season 4. In all fairness, the trailer makes it look great, yet there’s uncertainty amongst fans. For good reason, I might add.

Attack on Titan Season 4 Gets key visual, and the studio changes lead to director swap.

Eren Titan looking over Reiner Braun
Studio MAPPA – Attack on Titan: Season 4 Poster

The obvious takeaway from the trailer is the animation style, which looks quite different, doesn’t it? It shouldn’t be surprising, considering that Wit Studio will not be animating the fourth and final season of Attack on Titan. Instead, studio MAPPA will be taking over. It’s quite the heavy burden to bear, as fans of the series have grown accustomed to Wit Studio’s efforts, making the decision quite polarizing. It’s likely that some won’t mind the changes, while others may be thrown off completely. Most will likely hold their criticism until the completion of the saga, and we’ll likely hear more than enough about the changes. Sadly, this isn’t the worrying one.

MAPPA taking over has also led to other changes, with the final season being helmed by a new director, Yuichiro Hayashi. In turn, Tetsuro Araki won’t be finishing the anime he’s overseen for so many years, leading to some concern. Understandably so, considering that Araki’s work is well-respected and has long been admired, with a great library of work. It’s truly a sad revelation, not seeing him finish what he started and worked on galantly throughout the years. However, the end result will speak for itself, as the trailer looks promising. We’ll just have to wait and see!

Attack on Titan final season will premiere in fall, 2020!


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