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About Me

Erki Birk

I am the owner, editor and the only writer of The Hergula. This website is my passion project, and an outlet for my need to write lists about everything! Ever since I was a kid, it’s been my “thing”, and now I want to share my lists with all of you! Movies, anime and games? I got you covered!

So, what’s my goal? Simply put, I’m trying to entertain and amuse you all with my posts on The Hergula! I know how much blogs/websites have helped me through tough times, and I just wish to do the same for you! That’s all I want! 

I’m from Estonia, but live in Sweden. I’m 30 years old and if you’re brave enough, feel free to contact me. Socials below!

For the love of unicorns, rainbows and sunshine, I hope you stick around!

Much love,
Erki Birk