Top 5 Titans of Attack on Titan

Top 5 Titans of Attack on Titan

Hajime Isayama’s Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) manga series spawned an anime television series in the year 2013, directed by Tetsuro Araki and written by Yasuko Kobayashi. The Wit Studio and Production I.G anime was a brilliant one, without a doubt, and because of the fascinating titans, I have decided to create a list of the 5 best titans of Attack on Titan. There are many memorable titans featured on the show, like the beastly Armored Titan, Bearded Titan who ate Eren and of course the Smiling Titan. Where did they come from? What purpose do they hold? Why don’t they have digestive systems nor reproductive systems? There are many questions revolving around these man-eating titans, making them all the more intriguing and exciting. So which titans do you think stole the show in the Attack on Titan anime TV series? Did Eren’s titan form make a bigger impact than that of Annie’s Female Titan? Well, check out The Hergula’s top 5 titans of Attack on Titan list below to see what we thought about the titans on the show!

*List is based on the anime television series only, not including the ones in the manga.


5. Smiling Titan

Smiling Titan Attack on Titan

There may be many creepy and scary titans in the anime but the Smiling Titan has to take the cake for being the most disturbing of them all, largely because of that permanent grinning smile. We are first introduced to this titan at the end of the first episode, as he is the titan who picked up Eren Yeager’s mother, broke her back, bit her in half and ate her. To put it simply, this is the titan who sets the wheels in motion for our main character Eren Yeager to become all he can be, as following the event he promises to kill all titans, not sparing a single one. Nevertheless, the Smiling Titan is a memorable one, which is quite a big deal considering that we only see him once during the entire season. The way in which the titan smiles, what he did to Eren Yeager’s mother, and likely other people as well, makes him a titan worthy of a spot on everyone’s list. If those things are not enough, try sleeping after watching the first episode as whenever you close your eyes, you might see that grinning smile which is so damn hard to forget.

4. Armored Titan

Armored Titan Attack on Titan

It’s impossible to make a list of the best titans without including the badass and intimidating Armored Titan, who makes a brief appearance but a mighty big statement. This titan barely had any time on-screen but the time he had was used perfectly, making him one of the most memorable titans in the anime. Not only did he appear out of the blue, during the breach of Wall Maria, but he made a true impact on the show when he ran through the Shiganshina District’s inner gate. It was one of the most badass moments in the anime and gave us a true look at what the titans are capable of, and that they are not all the same. While only appearing for a brief moment and for one purpose, the Armored Titan became as intriguing as the humongous Colossal Titan. We don’t know anything about it, no idea why it only broke the wall and left but I do know that I want to see this big bastard once again. If you have read the manga, you know that we will indeed be seeing more of this mighty titan in the upcoming second season of the anime.

3. Female Titan

Female Titan Attack on Titan

Let’s be honest, it would not be a proper list without including the Female Titan, who first appears in the second half of the anime, running around the forest in search of Eren Yeager. The first time she hits the screen she makes a massive impact, looking different, acting different and being all-around more intelligent than every other titan that humanity as ever come across. Not only that but the Female Titan becomes the main villain of the show, being the titan who everybody is trying to capture, knowing that a human is controlling the body. This leads to the Female Titan being involved in a large number of the best moments in the anime, like the amazing fights between her and Eren’s Titan, as well as the unforgettable action sequences in which the Female Titan fights the Survey Corps members. When it is revealed that Annie Leonhart is the human whom shifted into the Female Titan, the story gets all the more exciting, adding more emotion into that final battle that destroys structures and takes the lives of many. With a lot of screen time, this titan is able to make her mark on the anime and truly become one of the most recognizable figures in the show.

2. Eren Titan

Eren Titan Attack on Titan

He promised to get rid of all the man-eating titans in his youth but lacked the power to do so. When he gained the strength necessary, the ability to transform himself into a titan, slaughtering titans was no longer a dream but reality. Eren Yeager became the first known human with the titan shifter capability, becoming humanity’s heaviest hammer and the bright light of hope for the people within the walls. As early as the sixth episode, we are introduced to Eren Titan when he saves Mikasa and goes on a titan killing spree, marking the first time humans have seen one titan attack another, as conflict between titans was unheard of. This leads to exciting battles, extraordinary moments and a ton of over-the-top slaughtering that add to the excitement of the show. When it is in-fact revealed that Eren was controlling the dark-haired and physically fit titan, he is feared but also used as a weapon to do the bidding of humans, in order to possibly win against the terrifying titans. However, Eren doesn’t always have control of his titan form, nearly killing Mikasa and going absolutely berserk during the last encounter with the Female Titan, and that’s exactly why he is such a great titan. He is our main character who can turn into a titan that has more rage and anger than others, because it is controlled by Eren who has more will than the majority of people, making for some truly spectacular moments.

1. Colossus Titan

Colossal Titan Attack on Titan

On that day, humanity remembered the terror of being dominated by them, being trapped like animals within the walls with titans surrounding them. The one that made them remember was the 60-meter Colossal Titan who appeared out of nowhere and kicked a huge hole in the wall, making it possible for other titans to enter the Shiganshina District. This was the beginning of the age of terror, all due to one huge monstrous titan by the name of Colossal Titan (Colossus Titan), and oh boy, does this titan leave a mark on the show. Not only are this titan’s actions the spark in the chain reaction to the annihilation of many innocent people, the Colossal Titan is by far the most impressive of all the titans seen on the show. He is 60 metres tall, extremely powerful and with a jaw-dropping frame, making him easily the most intimidating and terrifying titan of them all. What makes him even scarier is that he always appears during the most peaceful times, the most unexpected hour, and breaches another wall, something he does 5 years after his first appearance. He is like a horror movie villain, the way in which he appears, disappears, impossible to be killed. If it would not have been for this large monster’s kick, the story of Attack on Titan would not be the same, as he is the one that forces humans to remember exactly what is outside those walls. And if by any chance you have read the manga, you know the irony behind that statement. Colossal Titan is the terrifying face of the titans and one which should always be feared for what it represents; suppression.

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