Top 5 Titans of Attack On Titan Season 1

Do you fear the Similing Titan? Love the Female Titan? Fear the Colossus Titan? Well, here's a ranking of the top 5 titans of Attack on Titan!

Top 5 Titans of Attack On Titan Season 1

Hajime Isayama’s well-respected Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) manga spawned an anime series in 2013. The Production I.G and Wit Studio’s show is a brilliant one, with an intriguing story and well-written characters. However, the humongous titans are what fascinate the fans of the franchise, as they present more questions than answers. Where did they come from? What purpose do they hold? Why don’t they have digestive systems nor reproductive organs? However, which titans do you think stole the show? While the Armored Titan had an epic entrance, one could say that the Colossus Titan made a bigger impact. Similarly, the Female Titan was an impressive force, while Eren’s Titan had better moments. So, I guess it’s time to list the top 5 titans of Attack on Titan!

*The list is entirely based on the first season of the anime, not the manga.

5. Smiling Titan

There are numerous creepy titans that can send shivers down your spine, with the Smiling Titan being the most disturbing of them all. With a grin that produces nightmare fuel, the Smiling Titan set the wheels in motion when it killed Eren’s mother. This traumatic event sparked a chain reaction of destruction, making Eren Yeager long for his opportunity to kill titans, not sparing a single one. Above and beyond that, the Smiling Titan is very memorable, which is a big deal. We only see it once throughout the first season, meaning that with limited screen time it had a major impact. Together with the creepy characteristics of the Smiling Titan, it should be have a spot on everyone’s list.

4. Armored Titan

It’s impossible to not include the intimidating and badass Armored Titan. While he makes a brief appearance, he makes a mighty big statement with only a few minutes of screen time. However, the time was utilized perfectly, making him one of the most memorable titans from the show. During the breach of Wall Maria, the Armored Titan appeared out of nowhere, running through Shiganshina District’s inner gate. It’s one of the best moments in the anime, giving us a look at what titans are capable of, and that they’re not all the same. While we don’t know why he broke the wall and left, I do know that I want to see this big bastard once again. To be fair, the Armored Titan is as intriguing as the Colossus Titan, while having a smaller stature.

3. Female Titan

Honestly, the first time the Female Titan appeared on-screen, it immediately impressed. It looked and acted differently from other titans, while also being more intelligent and knowledgeable than the rest. Capable of defending herself and fighting strategically, the Female Titan quickly became the most challenging titan that humanity had ever come across. Paired with the possibility that a human might be controlling it, the Female Titan was soon the main villain of the show. Some wanted to kill it, while others wanted to capture it, yet everyone wanted to know who’s controlling it. This hunt lead to numerous great moments with the Female Titan, like when it fought the Survey Corps members. When it’s revealed that Annie Leonhart’s the human who shifted into the Female Titan, the story gets new life. Considering that the titan had tons of screen time, the Female Titan left a proper mark on the first season of the anime. In addition, the Female Titan has become one of the most recognizable figures from the show.

2. Eren Titan

Eren Yeager promised to destroy all titans in his youth, yet he lacked the power to do so. When he gained the ability to transform into a titan, slaughtering other titans was no longer a dream but reality. Eren Yeager became the first known human with the Titan Shifter ability, becoming humanity’s heaviest hammer. However, things took time, as first he saved Mikasa and went on a killing spree. That day marked the first time humans had seen one titan attack another. This phenomenon was previously unheard of, leading to numerous extraordinary confrontations. While he lacked the ability to control himself, killing other titans purely on instinct, soon he proved himself useful to humans. Slowly but surely he started being able to control his titan form, finding himself as the brightest light for humanity’s survival.

1. Colossus Titan

On that day, humanity remembered the terror of being dominated by titans, being trapped like animals. The one that made them remember was the 60-meter Colossus Titan. Seemingly appearing out of thin air, breaching the wall to the Shiganshina District. With a jaw-dropping frame, the Colossus Titan left a gigantic mark on the show, coming across as a horror movie villain. The way it would appear during the most unexpected hour, cause destruction and then disappear, impossible to be killed. Nevertheless, the Colossus Titan’s kick is what opened the flood gates, igniting the story of Eren Yeager. Keep in mind, this humongous titan forces humans to remember exactly what lurks beyond those walls. One could even say that the Colossus Titan is the most feared, considering that he represents suppression of humanity.

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