Top 5 Songs of Eurovision 2015 Semi-Final 1

Top 5 Songs of Eurovision 2015 Semi-Final 1

Following Conchita Wurst’s victory at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest, Austria earned the honor of hosting the show in the year 2015. Held at the Wiener Stadthalle in Vienna, Austria, the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest will be hosted by Alice Tumler, Mirjam Weichselbraun and Arabella Kiesbauer, with Conchita Wurst interviewing the artists in the green room. The First semi-final is set to air on the 19th of May, 2015, with 16 countries competing for a spot in the final. These are the countries: Moldova, Armenia, Belgium, Netherlands, Finland, Greece, Estonia, Macedonia, Serbia, Hungary, Belarus, Russia, Denmark, Albania, Romania, Georgia.

There are many great songs in the first semi-final, and predicting the finalists can be quite a difficult task when you consider the variety in music. However, after extensive research on all the entries, reading the lyrics and carefully listening to each song, I decided to compile a list of the top 5 songs of Eurovision 2015. This was not a simple list to create, largely because countries are involved, yet I decided to base the list solely on songs and not what country they represent. We at The Hergula believe in lists that make logical sense but still encourage a discussion or even a debate. With that in mind, from 16 entries to 5, down below you will find the top 5 songs of Eurovision 2015 Semi-Final 1!

5. Belarus: “Time” – Uzari & Maimuna

Pop music composer by the name of Uzari teamed up with the classically-trained violinist named Maimuna to form a duo in hopes of representing Belarus at the Eurovision Song Contest. Their hopes and dreams came true when they won over the Belarusian people with their modern pop song titled “Time”. While seemingly an ordinary song at first glance, the tempo of the track elevates it to new heights, with the sound of people clapping integrated to the melody seamlessly. Additionally, Maimuna’s violin and the solid bass heard throughout the song tightens the melody up, making it a package with a lot to offer. It’s not only a good Eurovision entry, it’s a great radio song as well, and while Uzari’s singing is good enough to make the song come alive, it’s not the reason it stands out. In-fact, it’s Maimuna’s brilliant use of the violin and the pop music melody that make this song a memorable entry, with a possible spot in the final waiting for them. If the on-stage performance is equally is intriguing as the music video for the song, we might have a strong contender on our hands, an entry that might do very well at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest!

4. Romania: “De la capăt (All over Again)” – Voltaj

Voltaj knows how to make a song emotional and heartfelt, with a message that might bring you to tears; about parents that work abroad and leave their children behind. This is about parents who don’t find opportunities in their own countries, forcing them to move to whatever country necessary in order to find a job and provide for their families back home. The music video depicts this message in the best way imaginable, showing the effects it can have on the children who can hardly grasp the situation at a young age. However, It’s important that the song works by itself, whatever the message may be, and Voltaj doesn’t disappoint with “De la capăt (All over Again)”. It is one of the few non-English songs at this year’s Eurovision, with the Romanian language coming across very beautiful in this soothing but powerful song, most likely helping Voltaj to stand out among other entries. While it isn’t your modern-day pop song, it will surely be liked by the mature viewers who appreciate a song with good music, a solid vocalist and a meaningful message. “De la capăt (All over Again)” can speak to the masses and win the hearts of people all across Europe, so a spot in the final is something they can most definitely achieve!

3. Belgium: “Rhythm Inside” – Loïc Nottet

Belgium’s entry at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest is anything but ordinary, as Loïc Nottet is a special kid with a lot of talent, a thing for the dramatics and a voice that can move mountains. His song is titled “Rhythm Inside”, reminding me of Lorde’s hit single by the name of “Royals”, with vocals similar to Sia’s. Nevertheless, Loïc Nottet has truly come through with a very modern pop song, one that will undoubtedly hit the hearts of youths around the world. The song is a great track production wise, yet it also has very memorable lyrics with a catchy chorus: “And if we die, tomorrow / what’ll we have to show / for the wicked ways / down below / the rhythm inside is telling us / we can fly, tomorrow”. It’s unique and different when compared to the majority of entries at this year’s Eurovision, making it a shoe-in for a spot in the final. Keep in mind, Loïc Nottet is a 19-year-old Belgian wonder kid with a very bright future, so not only do I think he will make it into the top 5 in the final, I see big things happening for this extraordinary young man in the coming years.

2. Russia: “A Million Voices” – Polina Gagarina

The blonde beauty from Russia, Polina Gagarina, is making her way to the Eurovision Song Contest with sword in one hand and shield in the other, ready to fight for a top spot in the final. There is absolutely no way that Polina Gagarina’s “A Million Voices” isn’t making it passed the semi-final, as it’s just too great of a song. The top-notch production and Polina’s beatiful voice make this anthemic song such a memorable one, with a passionate and meaningful chorus: “When you hear our voices call / you won’t be lonely anymore / a million voices”. Polina Gagarina’s voice and song structure reminds me of Leona Lewis’ work, which is definitely a good thing as it resembles a world-renowned artist. Now, if only the on-stage performance can match the song in one way or another, Russia might find itself in a top spot in the final. While hard to stand out in an age of modern pop songs and duets, I believe that Russia’s entry has what i takes to really win over a huge amount of people. So, let’s see how many people Polina Gagarina can reach with “A Million Voices”!

1. Estonia: “Goodbye to Yesterday” – Stig Rästa & Elina Born

Estonia has put their best foot forward at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, choosing to send the duet of Stig Rästa and Elina Born to represent the country with their song “Goodbye to Yesterday”. This is not only an instant radio hit and a great entry for such a small nation, it’s a hit song in general, as it’s very well produced and masterfully written. While some great writers tend to forget how to use subtlety to their advantage in order to get the message across, Stig Rästa has not forgotten a thing, singing: “Got dressed so quietly / I was frozen by the jingle of my keys at the door / as I got outside I smiled to the dog”. Not only that but the catchy chorus is quite memorable and well-written: “I didn’t wanna wake you up / my love was never gonna be enough / So I took my things and got out of your way now girl”. The lyrics hit the heart, painting the perfect picture of a relationship with its ups and downs, something that’s nicely portrayed in the music video. All of this leads me to believe that Estonia will make it to the final, and I’m predicting that Stig and Elina will blaze their way through other entries, leaving a trail of defeated artists behind them. Surely it’s hard to predict a spot in the final but I do believe that a top 3 spot would be very fitting, with a possible victory at the finals as well!

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