Top 3 Performances of BET Awards 2015

Top 3 Performances of BET Awards 2015

The 2015 BET Awards show was a good one, hosted by the humorous pair of Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross. While the two did a great job, so did the performing artists that brought the show to life. The Weeknd, Chris Brown, Smokey Robinson and Kendrick Lamar were just some of the musicians that took the stage. With over a dozen performances at the 2015 BET Awards, which ones were the best? Did the Bad Boy reunion medley steal the show or was Nicki Minaj’s simplistic performance the most enjoyable? Well, we at The Hergula have decided to compile a list of the top 3 performances of BET Awards 2015. Down below you will find the 3 performances that we considered to be the best!

3. Donnie McClurkin Performs Andraé Crouch’s “The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power”

By god, did Donnie McClurking put on a great performance, honoring the late Andraé Crouch by singing his gospel song titled “The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power”. It started off nicely, with Donnie giving a little introduction before saying “we’re gonna go to church for a second”. He starts to sing, giving a heartwarming performance. Soon, other singers that were standing in a semicircle joined Donnie McClurkin in song, making for one of the best moments of the performance. To see them all sing together, honoring Andraé Crouch was truly beatiful, especially when you consider that he passed away due to a heart attack earlier in 2015. Not only was it a heartfelt performance, seeing an image of pastor Crouch on the monitor made it all the more special. Honestly, Donnie McClurkin wasn’t lying when he said he will take us to church, as that’s exactly how I felt when watching the performance. With so many well-known artists taking the stage this year, it was a surprise for a performance like this to stand out. A gospel song that hit the heart is sometimes more memorable than a well-produced performance. Simplicity was the key in making this a great performance, with focus on the message and the delivery of the song. Donnie and his crew came together wonderfully to honor a man worth remembering.

2. Bad Boy Reunion – Medley

Honestly, I was impressed to see Diddy get so many well-known artists to show up, as this medley was made special by the sheer number of people who performed on stage. With people like Pharrell Williams, Faith Evans, Lil’ Kim and Mase performing alongside Puff Daddy, the Bad Boy celebratory performance was definitely worth the watch, as it was entertaining to be treated to a mini concert at this year’s BET Awards. It was like traveling back in time, with nostalgia being the key factor to the success of this lengthy performance, as while the show itself might have included some sloppy transitions and mediocre camera work, it was all small compared to the power of the beloved songs. “Feel So Good”, “Love Like This”, “Mo Money Mo Problems, “Can’t You See” and “I Need a Girl (Part Two)” were among the performed songs, and it was truly great to see one artist after the other hit the stage with mic in-hand. I was especially surprised to see Lil’ Kim, Faith Evans and Pharrell Williams pop up, with the Biggie Smalls tribute being the standout moment of the performance. Taken as a whole, this medley was a celebration of Bad Boy, to take a look back at all the amazing songs that we have been treated to throughout the years, and the show didn’t disappoint. With Diddy’s charisma and his amazing supporting cast of performers, this show became a mini concert that was joyous, entertaining and truly enjoyable!

1. Kendrick Lamar Performs “Alright”

This year’s BET Awards had many great performances, yet none of them demanded our attention the way Kendrick Lamar’s electrifying on-stage show did. His performance of “Alright” was well set up, with the American flag and vandalized cop cars serving as the perfect background, with Kendrick himself starting the performance on top of one of the vehicles. While the dancers absolutely deserve a round of applause for their nice dance moves, the show was as excellent as it was because of Kendrick Lamar’s solid delivery of the song. Not only did he put weight into each word he uttered, demanding our utmost attention, he was both charismatic and energetic in his performance. When it came to the show, the light switch-off transition to get Kendrick Lamar off of the cop car and center stage was well executed, while being a simple in essence. However, the highlight of it all was when the dancers started marching towards Kendrick Lamar, and the Compton-born rapper decided to spit a surprise verse. That moment was truly memorable and simply badass, as it put the spotlight on Kendrick Lamar, surrounded him with dancers and let him go off like a firecracker. All in all, it was an excellent performance that not only set the perfect tone for the rest of the awards ceremony but it showed how exciting and entertaining a Kendrick Lamar performance can truly be!

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