Top 10 Nicki Minaj Music Videos

Top 10 Nicki Minaj Music Videos

Nicki Minaj has created many songs, both good and bad, with some of them getting a music video. While the songs obviously are the most important, we shouldn’t forget about the visuals that sometimes elevate songs to new heights. Whether it be a simplistic video with nice camera angles or a colorful storyline with the artist at the forefront, videos can make songs look better. So, with Nicki Minaj’s first music video dating back to 2007, she has made visuals for songs like “Pound The Alarm”, “Pills N Potions” and “Freedom”. There is no doubt about the fact that Nicki works hard to please her fans both sonically and visually, paying a lot of attention to both her songs and videos. The majority of us know that Nicki Minaj is known for showing off her goods in music videos, yet there are numerous visuals in which she does the exact opposite. She has a variety of videos with many memorable ones but which music videos are Nicki Minaj’s best? While it is difficult to create a list, we have decided to compile one anyways, listing the top 10 Nicki Minaj music videos of all time. Simply scroll down to see which song came in at which spot and which videos made the cut. Feel differently? Comment below! Without further ado, check out the top 10 Nicki Minaj music videos!

*Only music videos with Nicki Minaj as the lead artist were eligible for the list.

10. Stupid Hoe – Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj’s visual for this song is weird and awkward, off-the-wall and crazy, yet somehow everything comes together nicely for one fun music video. With various flashing scenes and high contrast in colors throughout the visual, the video is able to match the tempo of the song. This is largely possible thanks to Hype Williams, the director of this firecracker of a video, who utilized close-up shots and some far-out camera angles to bring attention to whatever is in each shot. Whether it be Nicki’s face or her sensational bubble butt, it gets the spotlight shined on it each scene. While the video is obviously a bit messy and all over the place, with the ability to cause epileptic seizures, it is created this way intentionally. It can get annoying after the first watch but it makes you feel some type of way, which is a good thing, as whether you hate it or love it, it forces you to have an opinion. Also, let us not forget that Nicki Minaj is trying to provoke viewers with this visual, that’s the entire point of it, and it somehow works, making for one weirdly entertaining music video.

9. Pound The Alarm – Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj really let loose in this video, dancing her ass off in carnival attire with a crowd of lovely ladies doing the same right next to her, making for an energetic and fun visual. Also, with the video being shot in Trinidad and Tobago, it’s great seeing Nicki Minaj represent her birthplace, especially with this type of lively and spirited song. While it doesn’t have anything to do with the song itself, the visual is kind of celebration, more than a visual with a storyline attached to the song. Also, without really digging too deep into the lyrics, the song’s energy level fits that of the video, as Nicki Minaj and the dancers have tons of enthusiasm and energy. I am especially fond of the ending, with the fireworks going off at night with some nice dances being showcased. All in all, it’s a simple and clean video, with Benny Boom’s solid camera work shining through as it does so very often, bringing a high level of work to this enjoyable music video.

8. The Boys – Nicki Minaj ft. Cassie

With high contrast and bright colors, Nicki Minaj and Cassie are able to team up in this colorful and energetic visual. Director Colin Tilley is able to bring out the best from the performing artists, creating some very memorable scenes in which we see the two ladies sharing the screen in breathtaking outfits. Not only do Nicki and Cassie seem surprisingly comfortable getting so close to one another, their polar contrast in hairstyles and outfits is what makes this video really stand out. In the barbershop we see Cassie wearing quite a masculine outfit with makeup to match, contrasting Nicki’s dolled up look, with bright pink hair and a bubbly outfit. Every scene brings forth the best of both artists, which works in favor of the message of the song, and while it can be a bit simplistic at times, pieces fall into their place, making for this fun and sexy visual.

7. Pills N Potions – Nicki Minaj

This video made the list largely because of how unique it is compared to other modern-day videos. Director Diane Martel made a bold decision to not have the video widescreen but to cut it to an old-school square look, as if it was made for old televisions, which adds a distinct feel to the visual. Also, it’s very creatively put together, with each scene having a different background color with something in-front of it. The clips have a good amount of variety as well, with some scenes featuring a bunny smoking a cigarette while another featuring Nicki Minaj crying, with liquid silver as her tears. Alongside Nicki Minaj, fellow rapper The Game is featured in the video even though he isn’t featured on the song itself, elevating the video to new heights. While at times it can be a bit tacky and unprofessional, with various rabbit clips and weird special effects, I believe that these off-the-wall ideas actually add something to the video, making it better than it would be without those tacky features. I especially like the variety of background colors utilized by Diane Martel to make every other shot look like a picture out of a clothing catalogue. All in all, it’s a music video that is both memorable and great, as it is “outside the box” of what type of videos we get these day and the director wasn’t afraid to make some bold decisions.

6. Freedom – Nicki Minaj

This black and white music video is surprisingly different from the majority, if not all, Nicki Minaj’s other visuals, largely because of its look and scenery. To put it simply, it’s not your typical Nicki Minaj video in which you see her busting out some dance moves with tons of sex appeal, in this Colin Tilley directed visual she stands alone in a variety of locations, rapping her song with emotion and meaning. The video comes across as a way to add effect to each line she utters, as she wants her message to reach the viewers, not having the visual top the song, making simplicity the key to this great video. Also, the way in which the colors return in the end add a warm feel to the otherwise cold visual, and it’s not easy to pop in a black and white music video, yet somehow Nicki Minaj is able to do so, largely due to her stunning bone structure and facial features. She works well with Colin Tilley in order to make a visual that is one of the her best, because its simplistic and abstract nature creates something we wouldn’t expect to see from Nicki Minaj.

5. High School – Nicki Minaj ft. Lil Wayne

This Benny Boom piece is hot and steamy, sexy and sultry, with Nicki Minaj’s breathtaking appearance at the forefront. The solid camera work showcases both Nicki and Lil Wayne’s best features whenever they are on-screen, be it alone or together, as they do their best to act as lovers in-front of the camera. However, that’s the charm of this visual, as it doesn’t take itself too seriously, with both artists goofing around, laughing at each other while trying to act out the storyline. It breaks the third wall, something Nicki Minaj is known for, adding that special spice to an already well-directed and nicely produced music video. This is among Nicki’s finest visuals for its clean editing and solid creation, as the summery feel adds to the hot and steamy scenes in which we see Nicki around or in the pool, as well as the clips where we see both artists acting out a sex scene. While it could be a bit better acting wise, and more storyline-heavy, it works well nonetheless, being among Nicki’s most crisp and charming videos to date.

4. Right by My Side – Nicki Minaj ft. Chris Brown

This music video is not only well-produced, it’s also very well-directed, which comes as no surprise considering that this is a Benny Boom film. The muted colors and the film-like camera angles set the perfect tone for the song’s storyline, setting the stage for Nicki Minaj and Nas to shine. Not only do the two pull off a convincing couple, they act well enough to make the story believable, with Nas’ laid back style and vibe pushing Nicki’s energy and charisma to the spotlight. However, the Nicki Minaj and Chris Brown scenes stray away from the main storyline, adding a bit of humor and fun to the visual, something that I wholeheartedly feel makes this video even better. The fact that Nicki is able to let loose with Chris and simply have a laugh is beautiful, it elevates Nicki’s scenes together with Nas as well, making for a nice blend. To put it simply, this is a very nice music video, with great camera work and a tone to remember, largely because of Benny Boom’s brilliance. Everything comes together seamlessly, making for one nice video that is both fun but meaningful.

3. Moment 4 Life – Nicki Minaj ft. Drake

This music video is a good one, with director Chris Robinson utilizing simplistic camera angles to bring attention to the visual’s tone, shading and Nicki Minaj’s glamorous outfits. Many things come together nicely on-screen, especially the pairing of Nicki and Drake, both of whom seem very comfortable in-front of the camera. They not only compliment each other in the video because of their charisma, Drake’s dark outfits make Nicki’s clothing pop, throwing focus on the lead artist of the song. Also, let us not forget about the storyline in the video, with the beginning sketch being both humorous and well-created, making for a video worth watching time and time again. While some of the added special effects seem unnecessary, making the video feel a bit corny at times, Nicki and Drake’s on-screen performance makes up for that, even if Nicki was obviously holding back laughter when Drizzy went in for the smooch at the end. Nevertheless, it’s a well-shot music video with a warm tone, a bit different from what we see from Nicki Minaj these days, making it stand out among her other music videos.

2. Anaconda – Nicki Minaj

Honestly, hate it or love it, Nicki Minaj’s video for “Anaconda” is unforgettable and addictive. Whether you are a guy or a girl, this is the type of video that is worth a double take, as it is not only sexually fueled, it’s all kinds of fun, jiggling and ass-shaking. Nevertheless, even as good as the girls in the video twerk, let’s keep in mind the well-directed scenes, production value and superb camera angles that make this visual as stunning as it is. From the exotic jungle scene to Nicki Minaj grinding her cakes on Drake, the video has a great amount of variety, treating you to something different at every turn. Also, the background dancers deserve a lot of props for making this video what it is, as they not only collectively put on a memorable show, each individual plays a part in the big picture. Honestly, I think that Drake’s expression at the end of the video sums up the opinion of the majority of people who watched this video, as if to say: “Lord have mercy on my soul.” Simply, it’s a mesmerizing video, directed by Colin Tilley, who truly does capture the essence of the song and makes a fitting video for it, creating one of Nicki Minaj’s best videos of all time.

1. Super Bass – Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj was in her zone when shooting the video for “Super Bass”, as she doesn’t miss a beat in making the visual an electrifying one, with all the necessary effects and props added to make for one of the best music videos of recent history. Nicki is busting out some groovy dance moves, acting crazy and doing some gestures in the cutest ways imaginable. To put it simply, she seems far more confident in this music video than any other one she has ever done, so whether it be director Sanaa Hamri or Nicki Minaj herself, someone is responsible for getting Nicki in her zone. Also, let us not forget the vibrant feel of the video, with the various shades of pink used perfectly to add that candy cotton pop to it. The glow-in-the-dark scene at the end adds a bit more flare to the visual, making the overall video have more variety than initially expected. Overall, it’s a well created music video, one which shows a comfortable Nicki Minaj in her zone, with 50 shades of pink surrounding her, as well as some nearly nude men. It comes together very well and the pop-factor as well as the vibrance of the visual truly makes a memorable impact, making for Nicki Minaj’s best music video.

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